Ashley Atkins

“Ashley is going to be a sophomore at Pius X High School. She likes writing, reading, and occasionally eating an entire watermelon.”

Selected Works:

8 Things I Know About Catholic School:
1)      No matter what day it is, no matter the time, no matter even if there is a ten o’clock dismissal, you will always go to church at 8:15 AM to start your day.
2)      Uniform skirts, jumpers, and shorts will hit the knee, no exceptions or excuses. If not expect a curt “Can I talk to you for a second?” and a pass to the principal.
3)      Religion Class is 45 minutes a day, 5 days, Grades K-8. It doesn’t matter that you will practically learn the same things every year; The Saints and The Bible. You will still be forced to sit through it, usually with a salty nun who only cares about Pope John Paul II and telling you how great being a nun is.
4)      Latin may be a dead language but never expect anything less than the Tuesday choir, made up of sleepy seventh and eighth graders and a musical math teacher, half-heartedly singing all the Mass parts possible in Modern-Day, yet broken, Latin.
5)      It doesn’t matter what school you go to, or what neighborhood your school is in, there will always be families with money. Some schools may be entirely made of families with money, while others, like mine, have middle and lower class citizens mixed in with well-off families. Nonetheless, they are the doctors, lawyers, dentists of this world who find it in their hearts to buy our old brick building of a school new carpet or textbooks not from the 90s.
6)      This might not apply at all schools but at my school it certainly did. Kids. Are. Everywhere. It is the norm to have a four or five kid family, and some incredibly ambitious families even have 6,7,8,9 and as high as 10 kids. They all look alike, pray alike, and ignore families with less kids alike.
7)      Most of the classmates are going to be like their perfect parents, Faithful, holy, and rude. They will always have a bubble of superiority you can never puncture, let alone touch, surrounded in a dome of fake smiles and laughter, covering their rolled eyes, and weekly Sunday dinners with the pastor.
8)      Friends. No matter how many bad lunches, boring assemblies, and crowded classrooms you suffer through, there will always be a few people’ like you that you can lean on. Smaller families, middle class, at school because their mom went here. And they will be oh so kind to you, you may forget you’re even at school at all. And those friends make the whole Catholic School Experience all worth it

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