Danielle Callins

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. OWN IT!!”

Selected Works:

“Like a Flower”


Like a flower

her dress spreads.

her hair waves.

her smile gifts.



with no fears

with no worries.


with love.


In a room

with a single flower

In a room

with her heart.


She blossoms

into who

she was meant to be.

Who she wanted to be.


Like a flower

She looks

She grows

She illuminates


Her name is Flower.

“To Infinity and Beyond.”


Let me be your Horton.

I wanna hear you

Because you have the voice of Aphrodite.


Let me be Scooby Doo.

I wanna know you

Because I know you are

Bigger on the inside.


Let me be your Dr. Seuss.

I wanna make you smile and giggle

Because when you do

Everything is better.


Because you are my solar flare.

You are a lunar eclipse.


You captured me in your nebula.

I just can’t help but stare at your planets.


Your constellations are my fireflies.

Shining like a comet in my orbit.


You are a shooting star only brighter.

Blinding me with your light.


Let me be your Dinosaur Train

So I can show you something

Beyond your solar system.


“You and Me”


You and Me

Black and White

Complete opposites at first.


You claim

you love me

the way I am.


You claim

You love me

To the end.


You change me.

I change you.


I push

You pull.

I walk out.

You walk in.


But Black is the absence of white

And white is the absence of black.


Without you

I’m a lightning bolt

without thunder.


Without you

I’m a H₂O

without O


Without you

I’m a shark

without teeth.


Also known as a Basking Shark

but that is the only exception.


With you

I am suppressed

By your invasion.


There is no room for the both of us.

There is too much room for just one of us.


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