Cora Holt

“Writing is tied for first in my heart with dogs (could imagine if dogs could write?) That’s probably what I’m thinking about at any given moment”

Selected Works:

“Excerpt: Point of View”

She stares, eyes in the back of her head obscured by the veil of her bonnet, the Bible supporting her feet, and how ironic it is that she sees the dead behind her.


You are a Writer

Take any idea you can and run with it.

Fill cereal boxes with individual newsprint letters and pour stories for every meal.

Find a mirror, crack the edges, fill it with lines from a poem that you know nothing about because it will create something meaningful to you.

Birth a family from your brain so large that they fill an entire gallery with their great aunts and uncles.

Let the ink splatter your hands, and let your ring finger drag through the drying ink; it makes it look like art, and only you can read it now. Connect the dots between your words and your cracked palms.

Light your love in birthday candles that burn without remorse or apologies for occupying space but creating false shadows.

Write poems to bridge the gap between the two wheels of a bicycle and keep them turning with your literature. Use adjectives for handlebars and verbs for pedals. Let the nouns be your tires and the adverbs be your bell that you ring when others are near as if to say “I can, therefore I will!”

Thread buttons with your words, for they hold so much more worth than you could know now.

You will begin to see it. Your stanzas speak loudest to those desperate to hear any sort of salvation. This is why you write in the first place. Make yourself vulnerable to those looking for you, for they are you and you need a community of people like them to share your doubts.

If only you understand your creation, then they are too afraid to make what they want of your work. You are organic, and your soul forms legends greater than anyone not valiant enough to set out on a quest in their brains for themselves.

Run without stopping to look back at who is following you, because you will be disappointed by the answer nine times out of ten.

If you feel hated, you’re still provoking thought in others. They create for themselves based off of you, just like you do for them. You can make them believe and feel anything about you.

Learn what parts of yourself to package in cereal boxes and feed to them.

This is how you grow and move forward with your poetry bicycle.

Create for yourself and be able to live.


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