Eleanor Schmeichel

“Eleanor is an awkward 15yr old who likes cars, and dogs more than people. Eleanor likes drawing, writing, and getting way too involved in TV shows, and video games.”

Selected Works:

“Rules and Regulations of Time Travel”

Hello and Welcome all first year Time Travelers. As you know by now time travel can be an amazing thing! However if you do not know the rules of time travel you could end up destroying the entire galaxy. So that’s why I’m here, to remind you of the rules and regulations of time travel!

  1. Don’t change any important events in history. If you do that will create an alternate timeline, for those who don’t know what an alternate timeline is, think if Hitler won the war, or if America stayed a British colony.
  2. If the idea of bringing George Washington into the future to meet Abraham Lincoln pops into your brain. One, that’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of, and Two, the universe might collapse on itself if you do that. So don’t.
  3. Don’t give you’re I phone to a Native American, that will create a wormhole. For those non geeks who don’t know what a wormhole is, it’s a hypothetical connection between wildly separated regions in time. Think pilgrims in central park New York, which actually happened by the way.
  4. Never go back to the dinosaur age. Besides the danger of being chased by blood hunger reptiles, time is way too delicate there. Seriously if you step on a flower it could end up making the next president someone ridiculous! Like Donald Trump!
  5. When traveling through time it will seem like you’re in a vortex of swirling blue light. When in that vortex, don’t make an attempt to touch that light, if you do side effects may include rapid ageing, disintegration of the body or nothing at all.
  6. Do not prevent any deaths. I’m sorry if someone you know has died, and you want to change that. There is however some things that not even time travelers can explain. If you do try to prevent a death expect big consequences, like a hurricane heading for a small town.
  7. There are pockets of time, avoid those at all costs. There is no meaning of time in those pockets. You could be there for one minute or 50 years and never know the difference.
  8. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing that fits the time era. For instance if it’s the 1980’s wear leg warmers and too much make up. 1950’s, wear poodle skirts and leather jackets. 1990’s, I’m sorry but parachute pants, and tube tops.

There you have it first years! The rules and regulations of time travel! Just remember to have fun, and enjoy yourselves! Hold on…I have just received a message that a time traveler has given Cleopatra a CD player with a copy of Katy Perry, I must cut this meeting short because chances are ancient Egyptians are running around the white house.


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