Gwendolyn Hawkins

“Gwendolyn is a fairly emotional high schooler who is typically thought of as not normal. She also tends to be a loner.. but things are starting to look up! :)”

Selected Works:


I should write a poem;

A poem of Love and Brokenness,

Or of Love and Happily Ever After;

These are paths that you can take,

And there are many others.


~Gwendolyn Hawkins



If I were to say to you,

“I just met him and I already like him!”

What would you tell me?

Would you tell me that I should keep at it,

Or some other unwanted advice?


~Gwendolyn Hawkins



The women gather in pairs

Gossiping about the latest tragedy

Or the latest love story

In whispers and in soft tones

Lest someone hear and judge them


~Gwendolyn Hawkins



“I give up on love”

It’s a fairly common thing to hear

From people who have experienced heartbreak and betrayal

But I can’t give up

It’s not in my nature


~Gwendolyn Hawkins



I can’t think.

I can’t breath.

I can’t eat.

I can’t sleep.

You’ve invaded my head.

Why can’t you just leave?

There’s no way to stop you;

I don’t think I can.


But what if I do?

And I’m totally different?

What will I do,

When I’ve lost all my interests?

You’ve made this impossible.


I don’t have my friends.

I don’t have support.

All I really every do is fall short of my goals.

My studies are failing.

My hard work is wasted.

You coming back has me completely deflated.

I got rid of you once.

Why do you try to exacerbate it?


Every time that you do this,

It makes me feel worse.

For a while, you tricked me.

But now I know better.

I know who you are

In your truest, badest form.


Your name is depression.

That’s all I need to say.

You aren’t just in me,

But people I see everyday.


If you deceived only me,

I might have forgiven you.

But you deceive even the strong,

Those who others look up to.

But instead of giving into you,

And wallowing in my self pity.

I stand up to you today,

And make others believe it.


“I know it’s hard, but you can do it!”


To those who are fighting,

I say ” Go, you!”

It’s not impossible,


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