Hannah Ross

“Hannah Ross is & always was the Last Air Bender. She has a blackbelt in using calligraphy pens and other things that aren’t really useful. She would also like to formally submit her vote for the online Writer’s Camp for the rest of the summer.”

Selected Works:

“The Familiar Things”

For some reason, paper has always seemed like an old woman to me. They have a distinct smell as they age, lines across their faces, and they like to hear stories, whether they’re made up or not. And a pen is like her grandchild that loves telling stories, even if they don’t know the stories are real or not. Either way, the words tumble out from the pen letter by letter and leave a stain on the old woman’s heart so she can hear about adventures her grandchild has gone on and remember the ones she took herself.

“Love is a Cracked Sidewalk with Patches of Ice that Chill the Golden Reflection of the Glowing Street Lamps”

It’s imperfect in many places

With handholds on icebergs to keep two afloat.

So two people meet each other on an iceberg that’s big enough

To hold both of their secrets.

And as golden light radiates down

The iceberg melts away

Leaving one’s secret to the other

Then they’re forced to move to the next iceberg

Until it too melts and secrets are released

On more than many icebergs

Before they run out

leaving the two on dry land

That is still cracked and uneven

But neither seem to mind.

“Gingerbread Fate”

The gingerbread kits were left on the kitchen counter when we came home, and we ripped them open before the adults realized we were inside. We tore apart plastic to get to the premade walls of preplanned houses that we imagined belonged to premade people with predestined lives and we were fate.

We filled bags with frosting and laid down sugary foundations, like concrete, before lifting the cookie walls onto white, cardboard yards. Once they had set, we added roofs and impatiently waited for the ultimate shelter to keep them safe from harm or knowing too much.

Fate was once again placed in our hands to not only shelter our people, but to really help them live through best decorated houses this Christmas. The competition began. It doesn’t really matter if you’re comfortable


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