Hannah Simpson


“She has the dankest memes and the darkest mind, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. She also apologizes in advance for being subjected to her subpar writing. She’s actually the worst.”

Selected Works:



He had dark hair that fit with his dark thoughts.

On most nights you could find him lying on his bed

Face: Blank

Stare: Dead

His mind racing as if his very thoughts were being ripped from the void itself

He wouldn’t talk

Wouldn’t move

A single twitch of the eyes and gentle rise and fall of his chest would be the only thing to differentiate death to the existential mess he had made in his own mind

My texts to him ringing in the background of his own panic



“Life is the Everlasting Inevitability of Death”


Every moment

Every Reminder

The single ant under my foot.

The wilting tulips in my neighbor’s yard

They are an unapologetic reminder that life is fleeting.

Every second you waste may come to haunt you in your hour of passing.

Because your life should not be squandered.

Everything life throws at us should be taken in stride.

Because Death is Life.

And Life is Death.


She is my universe

My stars

When we collided it felt like a supernova within me

Her smile an asteroid

Impacting on my very soul

Her smile a luminous sun

Giving me what i need to live

She is my universe

My sun and moon

My Eliza




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