Jack Buchanan

“I go to Lincoln High and do slam poetry there this is my first year of camp and I love it.”

Selected Works:

Slam Poem:

I don’t get four warning shots to the chest, that’s four less beaths, Philando Castle could have taken. The tool of his destruction was the same one that was supposed to protect him. A pistol as black as the skin he was shot for, black like the ink used to sign his death sentence, black as the ink used to sign our death sentences. I know it’s hard to understand how just being born a certain color comes with that but just try, think about ,in our world cops overdosed on drug culture view us as nothing more than thug culture so body counts rise to the rooftops and you can’t hold them down like alton sterling, so they’re still there like stairs for retaliations and with an enraged brain inflamed ,micah johnson took those stairs and on those rooftops he killed five men ,ruined five families took more than five bullets to shatter more than five lives.
But violence is unforgivable, right , not for George Zimmerman his violence was forgivable that’s why he received an acquittal. It reminds me of Trayvon Martin’s memory Trayvon the martyr trevon our remedy, or Timothy Thomas he was never your enemy, Cedric Chapman was not hidden behind a mask of anonymity. He was not blank black face to add to a list and as long as this, and apparently tamir rice couldn’t even play without losing his life, eric garner couldn’t breath but he had enough air to tell you to stop. So listen while we still have enough air to tell you we need to stop i’m scared. I turn on CNN and I might as well be looking in a mirror if there was an end to this violence I wish it was a little clearer. Guns seem like a good place to start but lord knows a pistol couldn’t have restarted alton stearlings heart, they’ve stopped so many but I have yet to see them save one.


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