Joe Wright


“Joe is an aspiring vaper who also loves to write comedy, short stories, and self-deprecating jokes. He plays the viola in Lincoln Youth Symphony and also tutors beginners on viola and violin (contact me for more info)”

Selected Works:

#Deep: A deep poem of eternal deepness

I walk outside of my home and step into the empty suburb

Am I the only one awake? THe only one awake on this physical plane that we call Earth?


As I walk down the boulevard of broken dreams. I remember watching a video of a young millennial flipping a water bottle

Is the flipping of the water bottle reminiscent of our racial struggle in the modern day?


I decide to put in my generic apple earbuds and listen to generic emo music

I find that my left earbud does not play sound anymore

Does this loss of sound in my left earbud represent the failed coup in Turkey?


With the loss of the only sound I hold dear, I see a young child selling lemonade

Did the child’s father set the child out to sell lemonade to learn the hardships of capitalism?


I see a car rush past me, it’s a 2011 Jeep Cherokee

Does the rushing of the car represent the rush of immigrants in the Eurpoean Union?


I think to myself, I am only a spec, a spec to never make a mark on the world

Or maybe I am too large for the world that I inhabit

I am the modern day Gandhi in scene clothing

A man walks up to me and asks for the directions to the nearest church

I tell him that there is no church in the wild

We stare at eachother and as we open our mouths we both say



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