Jordyn Languis

“I’m going to be a senior at Lincoln East high school. My hobbies include playing my flute in East’s marching band, writing, and (more of a passion, really) the study of psychology”

Selected Works:

“Family Memory”

I had just gotten out of the shower and slipped on my cotton pajamas, trying desperately not to stumble into anything inside the most cramped bathroom I had ever been in.  Unfortunately for me, it was the only bathroom in this seemingly ancient house that I was now to call home, so I had better get used to it.  I pushed open the tattered bathroom door to an unfamiliar sound.  Laughter?  I followed the sound to the living room.  There I found my family sitting together on a leather couch pushed up against a wall covered in hideous floral wallpaper, applying hand lotion to their December dried hands.  Such a simple act, yet they were able to make it enjoyable with only their presence.  I stopped short of the doorway to admire the way my brother’s face lit up when he would crack a ridiculous joke and the way my dad was looking at mother and the way my mom was looking at my father.  Sitting shoulder to shoulder, so carefree and so reminiscent of the way things used to be.  Right then and there I thought, “I want to remember this moment forever.”  Because until this evening, I never thought I would get to see all their warm, smiling faces in the same room again.  I joined them eagerly on the couch, indescribably happy to have all my pieces back together again.


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