Karina Dudley

“I’m an extrovert who loves to party… just kidding. I’m an introvert who’s idea of a party is curling up in bed with tea and a book.”

Selected Works:

“Caffeinated World”

There’s something about coffee shops that draw me in. Maybe it’s the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the warmth that travels through your body. Or the homey atmosphere with soft classical music playing in the background. The hum of conversation or the spilling of beans to create more bitter goodness. The way old pieces mesh with modern to create something truly unique. Whatever it is, it’s the same reason why coffee shops are the meeting place of the young and the old. The college students and the businessmen. It’s a place where worries go away and the peacefulness encompasses you like a blanket. It’s not just a coffee shop; it’s a whole new world.

“To All The Haters”

To all the haters out there

Thank you

For all those times you said

I couldn’t

For all those times you said

I wasn’t good enough,

Pretty enough,

Smart enough,

Because you didn’t break me down

You gave me the motivation, the power

To prove that

I could

To prove that

I was good enough,

Pretty enough,

Smart enough

So, thank you

No, No, No”

No, you can’t buy that

No, you can’t eat that

No, you can’t watch that

No, no, no

Why can’t I have them?

Why deny me of such pleasure?

My heart breaks at every no

There are so many things that I want,

That I need

But the ones who are supposed to love me

Deny me of such happiness

I beg, I plead, trying to sway minds

But to no avail

The only words I hear ringing back are

No, no, no


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