Payton Long

“Payton Long is an actress, a writer, and occasionally a singer. She’s, like, okay at those things.”

Selected Works:

I am the English Teacher’s Daughter.
I am Good Grammar and
Correct Pronunciation and
“I’m doing Well, how are you?” and
I am tired. I’m sorry that I don’t always do good, and
Im sorry that Im not as perfect as you want me to be,
and im sorry i cant always choose the correct pronoun, and
im sorry my poetry isnt exceptional like yours,
and please understand
I am Doing My Best.

If you’ve never seen a baby’s coffin,

allow me to describe it to you.

It’s a lot smaller than you thought it would be,
and it’s a lot fancier than you think is really necessary.
It’s very clean, and it’s far away, no matter how close to it you get.
I bring this up because I want to prove that you can never predict what will happen in your life.
I would never have guessed that the little boy I nannied in the summer would suddenly be rushed to the hospital and die there less than two days later.
I never thought that my cousin would get shot because she refused to get pregnant and her boyfriend wasn’t okay with that, even if they were in the eighth grade.
I wouldn’t have guessed that my mom’s bouncy, lesbian friend was going to purposely overdose on antidepressants in an Omaha apartment alone.
You never know what’s going to happen next.

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