Rose Gaffner

“I am a weird potato, just don’t eat me.”

Selected Works:


Cars that could fly by

Like a bird that could never stop.

It would be weird to see stoplights and stop signs

In the sky but these things would become a must

Unless you want the bird to become just a memory

As it tumbles to the ground ripped apart.

A Letter to a “Friend”

We became friends in the weirdest way

Funny though

I can’t seem to remember how.


Holding each other up

While both trying to break down.

Choking on the water that we are both being forced under

Trying to break free from the binds of tidal waves


I care more for you than you will ever for me

Years ago we talked weekly, daily, every single minute.

Now it’s a random text here and there.

Whenever we both want something.

When you want me to cover for you,

Because who would want their parents to know that you’re about to go do drugs.

When I want to pretend that I actually still have friends

That I don’t have to use the internet for to talk to.

They say time changes things

That people change.

I guess they got that one right.


Because whenever we fight, like cats and dogs

Tearing each other apart fur strand by fur strand.

Bones by retched bone.

It seems that I am the only one trying to

Fix our broken phones that used to be so connected.

That I am the only one

Who has cut my skin on the charred pieces of the ragged glass sticking out.

Do you not fear that I might die from the incisions

That these cuts have produced

You are a drug that I’m trying to flush

But you have managed to become plugged.

Not wanting to move from the hole you have wedged full of memories.

Questions to Ask a Fan

Hello all! It’s your town fangirl, Here to answer all of your questions.

a definition that you may need before continuing.


Fangirl: noun. A person who replaces the emptiness in her life with fictional happenings and becomes obsessed over them

Sidenote: these people often become psychos if you mention their fandom.

You may want to proceed with caution.


Now, for some questions.

Question: What is a fandom?

Answer: it’s a place where you can find fangirls and fanboys with a bunch of other nerds talking about their favorite show, OTP, book, pretty much anything that has characters in it


Question: What does OTP stand for?

Answer: “One True Pairing” or “Oh my god. These people need to get together or I’m going to dieeee.”


Question: What is a fanfiction?

Answer: Creative writings made up by fans.

Continue at your own risk.

Sidenote: Look out for warnings.

You never know when you might be scarred for life.


Question: What is Comic-Con?

Answer: A large space where fans get together to meet their idols.

Sidenote: We aren’t in costumes, we are characters. Don’t mention that I am not fictional.


Question: Why do you read that stuff?

Answer: because we have nothing better to do with our lives.

Next question.


Question:Why are you obsessed over a 44 year old man?

Answer: his life is more interesting than both yours and mine combined.


Question: What is a canon?

Answer: No, it is not something that you blow things up with although that would be pretty cool. Besides the point…It is something in the story that actually happened.

Sidenote: headcanons and canons are not the same thing.

Leading us to…


Question: What is a headcanon?

Answer: something the fans want to have happen so they make up crazy theories


Which leads us to our next question.

Question: What is a ‘ship’?

Answer: When you think two people should be together

Sidenote: We will go down with these ships just like the Titanic if they don’t happen.


Please note that these answers were in my perspective and no one else’s.

I am not a spokesperson for everyone with these answers.

Continuing on…


We fans may be crazy

But you will soon figure out that we become family

There for each other when everything goes on hiatus.

Other fans becoming our own paparazzi

Suppling everyone else with information like drug dealers during rough times.


Now with your new information,

A specific inquiry to all of my nerd buddies

Question: Fandom Heaven or Fandom Hell?

Now for some Definitions: Fandom Heaven: a glorious place of rainbows and sunshine where your OTPs become a thing. Happiness not seen anywhere but here.


Fandom Hell: your favorite characters never become a couple but you do get all of the crazy fanfictions.

It’s your choice.


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